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This is an indie rp blog for the canon Melinda Halliwell for the Charmed fandom.

It is also a multifandom and multishipping blog. I welcome new ideas but I reserve judgement on whether I am willing to rp with a specific idea.
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Okay I give up.   Time to sleep.   hopefully see you guys tomorrow, if not, Skype and AIM are always available.

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Yes. We have not nearly talked about this scene enough.

Because when Clara is threatened with torture, you already know she will be brave. You know she will be strong and hide her fear and just get through it until the Doctor comes back.

And then you realise that you were absolutely wrong. Clara does not hide her fear at all, for it is not something that needs hiding. An emotion as strong as fearing for your life is a powerful weapon. And by admitting just how scared she is, Clara immediately wins the game. The more scared she is, the less likely it is that she will talk.

This is so clever and yet so typical Moffat and I just love it. His heroes do not prevail despite having emotions - they haven’t gone through some gruelling military training that makes them tough in a crisis.

No, his heroes are strong because of their emotions. Be scared, be sad, cry, laugh, love, and do not be ashamed to show it. Real strength lies in owning who you are.

Moffat said it himself: “History tells us who we used to be, documentaries tell us who we are now, and heroes tell us who we want to be.”

A world of Moffat’s heroes is certainly something worth striving for.

Okay time for a OUAT marathon while I work on replies.   Nothing like Charming to get Melinda’s muse going.

~Child Headcanon~


When Melinda was pregnant with the twins Pip & Topher, David would sing to her belly in order to soothe them from when they would kick Melinda. He would sing ‘Lion sleeps tonight’ and once he sang it the twins would stop kicking Melinda’s belly. David always took it as a sign that they liked his voice even from inside the womb. 


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