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This is an indie rp blog for the canon Melinda Halliwell for the Charmed fandom.

It is also a multifandom and multishipping blog. I welcome new ideas but I reserve judgement on whether I am willing to rp with a specific idea.
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: Travelling lighht, travelling liiiggghhht

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In which Bonnie has her own pair of brothers fans

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going to try and sleep for a bit, bye guys

Maddi I will try to do the starter asap for the slightly nice source of all evil helping his sister.

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Oh my god its like 1 in the morning and i am lonely so i made this stupid lotr text post memes to cheer me up. Enjoy i guess

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[screeches] Guys! Guys!   Look at this!

[flails and falls on the floor]

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I’ll Turn You Into A Toad (Deadpool & Melinda)


Wade shrugged “aren’t you a little unscathed to be a damsel in distress?” he muttered dryly watching her eat the taco {I want a taco} [kill her and get the taco] {but then no $$} after a slight conflict with himself Wade turned his focus on the girl/ 

"No im not gonna shoot you, does it look like im holding a gun" he asked waving his arms "what do you mean it wont end well for me?” the way she spoke was slightly chilling, no one was that innocent. he had seen horror movies he knows its always the innocent ones. “yeah so you are gonna come with me and then im gonna get paid and them we can all be happy” 

"You never know, you could be hiding a gun somewhere in your outfit.   Though it would have be pretty small," she said before finishing off her burritto.   He was funny but something in her gut told her to be careful.    Though to Melinda  that equaled a go on seeing how far she could annoy him before he snapped.

"Well I’m a witch, I could just turn you into a toad, like the one on your foot," she said pointed out the few toads that had gathered near the man.   "I could come with you but then that leads to torture and experimentation most likely.   Or I’ve read far too many comic books." Melinda commented.   "I have a better idea, what about you lead me out of this place and I’ll buy you lunch." She aid before wadding up the paper bag that had held the food that been eating and yet finished off.

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Leo had orbed down from his lofty perch in the heavens. There weren’t many Elders left up there, but being up there was still easier for Leo than being on Earth. On Earth, there were too many reminders of all that had been lost. It was why he never came down even if his children or other family members had called for him. He was living an isolated, lonley existance, and the only person he could blame was himself. He had come down today, not because there was an emergency — at least he didn’t think so — but to maybe track down some of his relatives and attempt to build up some bridges between them again.

When he orbed in front of Melinda, the child he never knew, he took a deep breath and walked towards her. He clenched his jaw when she spoke. “Is that any way to treat your father?” He regretted the words as soon as he said them for he was no father.


"Well how about this greeting?" She immediately asked and proceeded to make him explode with her powers not unlike how her mother had done before years before she had been before.   Leo Wyatt wasn’t her father, the only man that could have been closest resembling a father had been Patrick Trudeau and he had been killed by an Upper Level demon three months before her nineteenth birthday.

The anger was written all over her.   He had abandoned her long before she was born.  Her jaw clenched and waiting for him to reconstitute before she made him explode again.

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Come Hale or Halliwell


He stayed still and he watched the woman and the demon with wide eyes. Derek was always in his semi werewolf form when he get up slowly. He frowned and he took a deep breath to smell her scent. He didn’t really recognize what she was but it was not a demon. “I’m fine. I heal. ”He answered and he looked back at his injury. “What are you ? ” He asked slowly and he stepped back when she came closer. Then he stopped. She just saved his life and he acted like the rude associable man he was. Derek took his human form and he looked up at her. “Thank you ”

"I’m a Witch and a Whitelighter.   Basically I’m a sort of guardian angel and I vanquish demons.   My cousin had a vision of you in trouble so I came to keep you from getting fried by that demon," she explained.   "Sorry for being late," she shrugged.   "I can heal the injury, it’s one of my powers," she told him.   "I’m Melinda by the way, Melinda Halliwell."

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