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Past Always Comes Back (( CLOSED + 4))




Leo ran his hands through his hair. He should’ve guessed that that day was the cause of all of this. David’s big secret was finally ready to pull Melinda and David apart. He sat down next to David and gently patted his shoulder. “David, yes, it’s awful what you did. But that was the past. Forget what the Elders say, he was a future serial killer after all and if I didn’t heal him, then all of those people wouldn’t have died.”

He paused and let out the breath he had apparently been holding. “I know it’s a scary thought, but maybe you should just tell Melinda the truth about what happened. I mean do you still have the nightmares? I think Melinda would feel a lot better if she knew the truth.”

He smiled at David. he should just strangle the man that was hurting his daughter but knew that would make Melinda angry. “David, I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, but you’d feel a lot better if you just talked to Melinda. If there is one thing that I know about my daughter, it’s that she’s more scared that you’re shutting her out than she would be if you told her the truth.”

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Phoebe read over Melinda’s text as she pulled her hair back into a messy ponytail. She looked a wreck, she was sure, but that was far from important right now. The petite witch grabbed a jacket and hopped into her car, moving as silently as she could to avoid waking anyone else — a fairly stealthy move, considering it was dark and she could scarcely see.

It was only a short drive to her niece’s home, but thankfully the younger woman had arrived first. She rang the bell, waiting on the stoop until she received an answer. She didn’t pause for an explanation or even a greeting before pulling her into an embrace, sliding her fingers down to interlock with Melinda’s as she pulled away. “Sweetie, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

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"Leo not the point! I killed him and I should have paid for it, instead you and mother did. By keeping this a secret everyone had this burden on their shoulders. Not that it did any good, I grew up but that still didn’t change the fact that I did it. I am a white lighter and they don’t kill they heal." David ran his hand through his hair as he calmed himself down. "The nightmares were what caused this tonight. They have been a recurring thing this past week or so. This is what caused my big fight with Melinda. I am afraid of what she will think. Up until today she has thought I have always been a good person. Add the fact that I was a complete jerk to her tonight, I don’t think I will be in her good graces today."

David sighed  and gave Leo a look. He knew he was right, everything he said was right Melinda was probably more scared of him shutting her out then if he actually told her the truth. How did he manage to turn this night into a night from hell. “Leo? What if the Elders find out? They won’t let me slide  with a warning they take their jobs very serious and will want to make an example of me.” Thinking about Melinda he chuckled, he wanted to go back into her arms and tell her everything was alright. “I think you are right. I should tell Melinda..tonight. Would you come home with me? I’d think I would really need the moral support and I know she would need you there, since I haven’t been the greatest husband to her tonight.”

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Melinda invited her aunt in before she got the hug she desperately needed right now.   “Something is wrong with David.    He won’t tell me what it is, but something is wrong.” She told him.   It hurt more than she knew.    ”We always told each other when something was wrong, but now…”    Oh this hurt to admit.   “I’m afraid,” she admitted to her Aunt.

"About what could be so bad he doesn’t trust my judgement when we made promises," she explained and felt a sudden wave of dizziness hit her with nausea.   "I think I should sit down," she admitted.   "I’m not feeling so hot."  To be honest she could have passed out right now.  

"Maybe I’m overthinking all of this.   Am I a nag?"   She asked as she tried to make her way to the couch.   "Maybe I’m too pushy?"


The power Rangers and the ninja turtles meet again!


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Acceptable reaction to misogyny.

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√ Viva La Melvid!







// I think we all ship it by now tbqh

[So much love for Melvid!! How could you not ship it though? CUTENESSOVERLOAD!]

{Okay that’s just cheating. }
[Hear that? the sounds of his snickers… he is such a tease no wonder they got like 5 kids! He has no shame!]

{Apparently neither does Melinda considering she used his shirt and the lingerie against him.}


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